Areas of Practice

New Technologies & Projects

The firm engages with new technologies and projects holding promise of benefiting global public values: efficiency, safety, and reliability of infrastructure systems and networks, including electric networks and data networks; energy efficiency and renewable energy; wastewater treatment and waste conversion; public health; and educational and civic programs.

Business & Strategic

The firm provides general business legal services and strategic counsel to new technologies and projects: R&D; and product development; intellectual property development, protection, and licensing; business formation, structure, governance, administration; business and strategic planning; investment and R&D; funding; marketing and sales strategies; services contracts; joint ventures; government and regulatory permits and approvals; employment and consulting contracts; immigration status; international technology transfer.

Law & Policy

New technologies and projects often can find, create, and realize markets and funding opportunities, or may be faced with obstacles, in law and policy in the U.S. and abroad. The firm provides counsel and services in addressing statutory, regulatory, legislative, government administrative, intellectual property, R&D; funding, international technology transfer, and diverse transactional matters and opportunities.

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